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How to Groom Your Dog?

The essential part of being a good pet owner is to carry out certain routine activities that ensure your dog looks good and is healthy. Grooming is one of the vital needs of your dog. You must keep a check of your dog’s nail, teeth, coat, ears and eyes regularly to evade any possible sign of health problems. Grooming of your dog needs to be done keeping in mind their breed and hair type. Make sure to follow the vet’s advice if your dog has any nail, ear or skin problem. Also, use the appropriate grooming tools.

Here are a few basic dog grooming tips:

1. Hair Brushing: Since you cannot bathe your dog regularly, it becomes essential to brush its coat daily, to keep it clean. Dogs love being brushed and it keeps their coat healthy. The minimum brushimg need of your dog depends on their hair type. Also, keep in mind to use the appropriate brush. Brushing, especially in the shedding season can help prevent excessive shedding.

2. Bathing: Bath time may not always be a fun time for your dog and you unless your dog gets used to it. Though it is essential when it comes to cleanliness, you don’t have to give your dog a bath daily. Bathe your dog depending on the breed and the age. Use shampoos made for dogs only as they are formulated to maintain the sheen of the dog’s coat.

3. Nail Trimming: This is another exercise which your dog may not like. Long nails may cause breakage and invite undue medical attention. So, it becomes mandatory to trim nails at regular intervals. Use the special clippers available for dogs to keep your dog’s feet healthy.

4. Eye and Ear Hygiene: It is a must that you take care of eyes and ears of your dog at least once a month. If you see and discharge near the eyes, clean it with the help of a moist cotton ball. Make sure to clean the ears as well with cotton balls soaked in mineral oil, to avoid any bacterial infection. Consult your vet in case of any foul odours.
Following these simple hygiene tips can keep your dog healthy and help you have a great pet.


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